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sleepover night, every night !

We can’t stop making Polyvore sets !

I made one …

Pack your bags, Flappettes, tonight we’ll sleep over at Charleston !

>> I imagined how our “Ragtime Seance” final pyjama party would look like if it would be happening in Charleston, house of the Bloomsbury group.

x – x – x

The unstoppable Lisa made … three !

In case it gets too late to go home

Poetry, Palmistry and Progress

>> These were just a few of the topics of conversation in the salon she hosted from the bedroom of her Greenwich Village tenement.

Curtain Call

>> They always want more. Who has time for stage fright?

x – x – x

And S. Elizabeth included her first embroidery work to her latest set :

…the art of enriching a fabric with stitchery

x – x – x

… I sure see some fabulous nights filled with art, poetry, tea & magic just around the corner ! hee !



Ragtime Club

We now have a Ragtime Seance Polyvore Collection to host all our pretty sets.

Also, don’t forget to add images of your works to our private Ragtime Flickr Group.
Be sure to share images of your work-in-progress. So it really feels like we’re working together !

Stitching-up Magic

Join the fun ! Meet us there … I made muffins 😉

Also I wondered … Where do you feel more at ease to ask questions ?
~ here, on the blog
~ on the flick’r group
~ or on twitter ?


Countdown to Ragtime & After the last dance

Heee !
Our Ragtime Bearcats are so talented ! Lisa made two more Polyvore sets and I love them :

Countdown to Ragtime


After the Last Dance

>> “Even a dashing flapper needs to go home and recuperate.
Now, where did I put those aspirin?”

hee hee !


black night, white shorts

I took some more pictures, to show the details of the shorts.

And give you an idea of what I call “a perfect finish”

inside-out view showing the french seam :
(that we call couture anglaise -english seam- in French ! ha !)

See ? No seaming, no ugly threads !

Also, I couldn’t help but put together another Polyvore set, based on my own Ragtime night-set, this time.
I wanted it to illustrate the Seance part of our title.


What’s that Dolly ?

S. Elizabeth, aka Ghoul Next Door just joined the team !
And, as a fellow Polyvore addict, she put together these fabulous sets :

What’s that, dolly ? We are missing something ?

What's that, dolly? We are missing something?

No dolly, you can’t come to the ladies slumber party !

No dolly, you can't come to the ladies slumber party!

Wow, how elegant is she going to be for our pyjama party ? Terribly !
Cheerio !

in the flapper’s boudoir

Lisa – member of our Ragtime Secret Club –
also joined Polyvore & played with the idea of a Ragtime pyjama party …
Look at her set !

{In the flapper’s boudoir}

How inspiring is this little set ? Very !

Cheerio !

a flappers’ night in : pyjama party

Flappers are so terribly inspiring
and so is the idea of a Ragtime pyjama party that I get carried away …
… and imagined three sets on Polyvore !




If you get inspired, please share with us. We’d love to see your sets !

Toodle pip, Bearcats !