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sleepover night, every night !

We can’t stop making Polyvore sets !

I made one …

Pack your bags, Flappettes, tonight we’ll sleep over at Charleston !

>> I imagined how our “Ragtime Seance” final pyjama party would look like if it would be happening in Charleston, house of the Bloomsbury group.

x – x – x

The unstoppable Lisa made … three !

In case it gets too late to go home

Poetry, Palmistry and Progress

>> These were just a few of the topics of conversation in the salon she hosted from the bedroom of her Greenwich Village tenement.

Curtain Call

>> They always want more. Who has time for stage fright?

x – x – x

And S. Elizabeth included her first embroidery work to her latest set :

…the art of enriching a fabric with stitchery

x – x – x

… I sure see some fabulous nights filled with art, poetry, tea & magic just around the corner ! hee !



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