Welcome !

Ragtime will begin on September 27 and run through November 7.

Week 1:  Hand Embroidery

To begin, we’ll learn to embroider a pillow-case.  From choosing the fabric, the design, and the floss, to transferring the design, to learning basic stitches, this week we’ll all try out our stitchy legs!

Week 2:  Sewing Basics / Sewing a top

First, we’ll learn how to make a camisole. From start to finish. In one course. And with impeccable finish !
We will start with this very easy, yet thrilling project and learn the basics all along. We won’t really use a pattern for this, we’ll tame the machine first.

Week 3:  Sewing the Shorts

We will then learn how to reproduce & use a pattern while we’ll start sewing the shorts …

Week 4: Sewing the Shorts, part 2

… then finish them ! Making the hems and the belt case.
We’ll also learn to hand-sew button-holes with Drucilla.

We now have our own little lingerie set, ready to be embellished ! And now that we learnt all these simple steps, we’ll be able to reproduce them !

Week 5: Embellish with appliqué !

Now we will personalize and embellish our lingerie sets.  First we’ll learn the basics of appliqué.

Week 6:  Embellish with embroidery !

For our last week, we will learn more embroidery stitches and play with more complex designs.

And finally, show off our completed sleep sets!

Toodle Pip !

Mathyld & Drucilla


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