show & tell

So far …

Erm, are we in total sync or … are we ?
I mean, isn’t that mind blowing ? Fonts, colours … We sure do belong to the same club, one can tell !

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. Embroidered Handkerchief, 4. “Last night I had the strangest dream…”, 5. Untitled, 6. ragtime pillow detail, 7. dunzo!, 8. kind of sort of buttonholes, 9. hem, 10. Ragtime lounging set, 11. Ragtime eyelet shortsies, 12. Ragtime Seance : Thread your Machine

But all this didn’t happen in one night … We’ve all been working our magic !

1. late-nite sewing station, 2. fabric cut for my camisole, 3. thread and pin containers, by candlelight, 4. French-seaming, 5. Pins bowl, 6. Jumping in, 7. pins and loose threads, 8. colors, 9. getting started!, 10. Pattern & stuff, 11. tea-dyeing my fabric, 12. One stitch and a french knot

I think we are quite the Flap Pack, Flappettes !



Ragtime Club

We now have a Ragtime Seance Polyvore Collection to host all our pretty sets.

Also, don’t forget to add images of your works to our private Ragtime Flickr Group.
Be sure to share images of your work-in-progress. So it really feels like we’re working together !

Stitching-up Magic

Join the fun ! Meet us there … I made muffins 😉

Also I wondered … Where do you feel more at ease to ask questions ?
~ here, on the blog
~ on the flick’r group
~ or on twitter ?


black night, white shorts

I took some more pictures, to show the details of the shorts.

And give you an idea of what I call “a perfect finish”

inside-out view showing the french seam :
(that we call couture anglaise -english seam- in French ! ha !)

See ? No seaming, no ugly threads !

Also, I couldn’t help but put together another Polyvore set, based on my own Ragtime night-set, this time.
I wanted it to illustrate the Seance part of our title.


ah, it’s almost ragtime!

well hallo, ragtimers!

here’s a peek at a pillow i’ve stitched for my flapper sleep set!  it’s just a small thrifted cotton pillow-case, but i embroidered a botched french ode to the lovely fall weather and season 3 of true blood!  this border took a bit with it’s 500000 french knots, but it’s very simple.  so this is an example of the embroidery we’ll learn to do.

and here’s a little pic of a hankie i did for dear littlebighead.  i don’t want to show helena’s (our giveaway winner) before she gets to see it!  (her prize is en route to australia just now..)

class starts in less than a week, lovies!  can’t wait!



the cat’s pyjamas !

I thought I’d give you a glimpse at two of the projects we will be making together.
The lounging set consisting of a pair of shorts & a camisole.

This is the pre-embellishment version, indeed !

I must admit that I am quite smitten by them !
The pic, however, is not that good because I had some serious light issues …
But I will very soon post more !

Toodle oo !